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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mission 6: Public transportation needs help!

* I haven’t been able to get the postcard thing to post. I will get it up a.s.a.p.


I have personally had to ride the bus for an extended period of time due to losing my car. It’s not pleasant at all, cramped and usually late. The buses run on an okay schedule but usually have issues with staying on time and that’s just getting to Modesto. Once you get to Modesto the routes are okay to see where you want to go, you can go online to get them but you never know if that bus will be late or not. Now that they are cutting money from the budget and shortening times it makes it even harder for college students to get the ride they need to get to school if they need to or home.


Using my unlimited resources I would once again help the people of Modesto by paying to have buses and pay for longer hours. The more buses we have to run the less chance of someone missing the buss and not being on time. Also with more money comes more capacity to pay for the drivers and even hire new ones so the buses can run later. That way kids who need to get to college late or come home late won’t have to worry about missing a bus or being there exactly on time because the next bus will be by shortly. The next step would be to create parking areas that are both secure and plentiful enough that people can park and ride utilizing the bus routes and not having to worry about whether their car will be stolen, broken into or having to pay extremely high parking fees. I would fix the bike routes and walking paths. Paying to have them maintained and the gaps fixed would go a long way to allowing those who want to bike an opportunity to do so. Working with the new budgets and other improvements that have already been made in Modesto and through the state we can better create these bike paths and make them more efficient.


More buses and better bike routes, more people are free to take the bus rather than use their car and feel safer doing so. With the bike routes repaired more people can bicycle without worrying about whether or not they are going to be run over by traffic that runs through the city. More people have the freedom to get to the places they need to go and the boost in the economy is directly impacted. With lower costs for the buses and more routes people aren’t worried about missing things and so they spend more time shopping and using the money they’ve saved to buy things they need or want.


  1. if only the busses were safe and normal people used them, more people would ride them. but we are stuck with only the lower eschelons of society riding the bus and that is unappealing to those of us who bathe regularly and dont listen to our iphone radio rap music loudly.

  2. Great post, Dark Shadow. I agree, we need more buses and drivers. This whole money thing is pretty damn frustrating. Where is all the money? After doing all of these "missions" the absence of and need for money has become blaringly apparent.