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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mission 4: Healthier Life, Healthier people!


I myself am overweight, sucks but yeah it is true! So what I try to do, successful or not, is walk. Walking helps the blood flow, it gets your metabolism going and helps you lose weight by killing calories. I also use a program on my pc that helps me watch my calorie intake and vitamins, water, and all the stuff I need to be healthy or get rid of so that I can be healthier. Believe it or not I also play the wii! Yep! If you look at the wii games, the sports ones in particular like boxing, bowling or any of the aerobic sports on the console you can work up a good sweat real quick!


So I saw fierce dreamer using her imaginative powers to scare the bejeezus out of the citizens and thought that maybe I should help her get things settled back down! After she woke them up to a hard dose of reality and what could happen if they were seriously obese and unhealthy I thought spending some money to help subsidize health programs and workout centers might be a good way to get people to go work out. Considering the cost is almost three to four hundred dollars a year for people I figured if I helped pay to keep the costs down even more than that it would be a great way to start getting people more active. The other hard part is time, a lot of people ‘don’t have time’ to do the things they want to do like exercise regularly and be healthy. I can’t change the day light hours but between helping schools become more organized and helpful, businesses working more and giving people more jobs, and even safer neighborhoods I think that we can find ways to give people more time. Maybe have twenty four hour gyms where someone can go anytime they want. Helping to pay and support those things would greatly help people become healthier. Another idea would be to help the government and local health care people crack down on the hospitals charging outrageous fees for things that aren’t needed to help get more money for their doctors and or advancements in medical technology. How about we pay that so they don’t have to… the more money they have the less they can charge and it makes it easier for everyone to pay for the healthcare they need.

Work, school, neighborhoods, and now medical care… the more we work the more the people will become better. Healthier people work harder, and are better all around. With medical care and healthier living now in place the obesity percent drops dramatically… with places open so people can go anytime the strain to get it done is less and more people eating healthier and able to see someone when they are sick helps to keep things better in balance. The future looks brighter every day!


  1. lol i love the definitely helps you be active and it's fun. more importantly, it makes working out accessible to people who normally wouldn't do it.

  2. You make me wish I had a wii! I do have DDR, though and that's just as good. I don't really learn how to dance using it, but it certainly does have be jumping around. I can play around for an hour and not even realize I'm exercising. It's great!

  3. Walking is awesome! I was too chubby to run so I started walking. I gradually worked up to running 5 miles four day a week. It's also good to get rid of some stress too. But then I got preggers now I can barely do 2 miles.

  4. Great post. I wish we had a 24 hour fitness here, because I would totally join up (and then probably never go). Good job with your routine, I hope you meet your weight-loss goals.

  5. Man,I'm so not a gym person. I don't know what it is about gyms, but I just don't like them. i think they're boring. I can play 3 hours straight of DDR and not even get bored, but an hour at the gym is like pulling teeth. Its not even that I'm physically tired. Its that I get mentally bored.