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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mission 2: Businesses are being crippled lets help!

I went to yet another friend’s place of work yesterday. His mother is a manager at the store. I asked them how things were going in the job market and here’s what she had to say.


Thanks to the lack of jobs for people with a higher level of education, people with masters degrees are applying for jobs at Borders! This serious lack of jobs for those with higher levels of education has created a short fall that is trickling down into every place in society. If those with college degrees get the small jobs that are typically filled by those without degrees, it leaves a whole society of younger, less educated or even older folk who can’t get the education high and dry. This has to stop!


We made a start at this last time with the education system. If we can get the education system on track we can get the teachers back to teaching, which is a start in freeing up the jobs they took for those without degrees. The next step is to give the schools more money so they can help more students as well as create jobs for people helping those students. Having been in a community college and an active part of the school community, I know that there needs to be more of an emphasis on spending money in the classroom and not in administration. More money in the schools means students don’t have to pay as much, which means more students can afford to go to school. With a higher percentage of the population with college degrees as compared to our current paltry rates compared to the rest of the state, this should give corporations incentive combined with low real estate prices to expand here and create jobs. This will help to employ those just getting out of college as well as pull up those with degrees from jobs that are typically filled by those with less education.

A second step to the recovery process would be to give forgivable small business loans to those who have a proven and working business plan and application. For each full time long term position created and filled in their business, a small percentage of the loan will be forgiven. The more full-time positions they create and fill, the lower their balance will be on the loan, which will give a strong incentive to the business owner to create long-term, full-time positions over short-term, part-time ones. And see… I didn’t even have to become Adouchi for this one!


With schools now focused and working with their bigger budgets, more education given to the community. Large corporations will take notice and start creating much needed jobs for those in the area. Thanks to the incentive program more small business owners are working hard to also create jobs and give the community a hand. Thanks to the powers of my fellow super heroes the community fights together as one to help these companies thrive and grow. The employment problem begins to fade all together… the day is saved… For now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mission 1: Justice will be done!

For me the schools loosing teachers hit home a little harder than most. My wife is a CSU Stanislaus graduate student who was teaching young high school kids how to better speak in a speech class when the budget cuts to the schools eliminated her job. I decided to take a look deeper into what was going on.


I decided to take a look around and went to a local junior college and my friend told me that his music program that he was majoring in was being drastically cut and that he may have to wait. Another told me that her art program was going to be removed completely and that she would have to go to another school entirely or even another state for her degree! This simply won’t do! I have to find a way to help the people I care about succeed in their own goals! If it’s bad here at the junior college the children must be suffering an even greater injustice! That’s why I decided to take action… Adouchi the Shadow of Vengeance was going to get some action done… starting with our apathetic and corrupt government!


The shadows slipped around my form as I called them to become Adouchi and before long I was heading to the California capital building. Slipping inside unnoticed and quietly, it wouldn’t take long before I was in for a fight. The legislators were tough and unrelenting but after my gaze of justice they saw the error of their ways and started to make a change pushing for bettering of the public school systems across the board from K-12, to the junior colleges and universities. Next it was the people of California itself. You can’t spend money without bringing it in and thanks to a good superhero named Corrupt Angel using her mind warp powers, the people started to understand that fact. Maybe now we can get things done!


With the corrupt politicians now working to help California’s youth and Corrupt Angel using her powers to get the people of California to understand, taxes were raised to produce more revenue for the government to use. Funding was quickly put back into the schools and even added more to help reverse the shortfalls that had started to happen all over! The day is saved…. for now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Secret Identity

When I took on the gifts of Bast I became something different, it changed my life in a lot of ways and I work hard to make my new patron deity proud. But I can't do that all the time...

I go to school still work hard as Larry Browne Jr, the computer science major who's just trying to make a life for him and his family. I live in Turlock, CA and I go to school at CSU Stanislaus. I go to MJC to work with a club I founded and was president of for 2 years, and I live an every day average life. No one would suspect that by night I become the masked vengeance known as Adouchi, only my wife knows who I am and what I do.

How I became Adouchi: Shadow of Vengeance

It was an average day in an average life. I thought the day was going well me and my wife where doing just fine. We went out for dinner and were heading back to the car when a man came up to us demanding money. When we politely refused he pulled a gun. We tried to tell him that we didn't carry that kind of stuff on us but he wouldn't hear it. My wife was the first to get shot... then myself.

The whole world felt cold and as it seeped away I heard a voice in my head a voice asking me if I wanted to live to stop people like that from hurting others... it was Bast, the Egyptian goddess of cats birth and life. She offered to become one of her children in exchange I wouldn't hunt those who harmed others and defend the weak from the oppressors. I willingly accepted, and became Adouchi a shadow of vengeance. I was given the powers over shadow able to move through them at will. I became more agile, stronger and faster and more importantly I learned the Egyptian martial arts that would help me fight others. Lastly, I gained the power to judge another.. to look into their souls and judge their wrong doings and let them feel the anguish and pain they put on others. I would make them all pay for their wrong doings.

The last gift she gave me was my wife, Bast is a protector of women and as a gift to her new champion she gave her the strength to survive our ordeal. Now I go out searching the night for those who would prey on the weak to see that justice and judgment is rendered.