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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mission 6: Public transportation needs help!

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I have personally had to ride the bus for an extended period of time due to losing my car. It’s not pleasant at all, cramped and usually late. The buses run on an okay schedule but usually have issues with staying on time and that’s just getting to Modesto. Once you get to Modesto the routes are okay to see where you want to go, you can go online to get them but you never know if that bus will be late or not. Now that they are cutting money from the budget and shortening times it makes it even harder for college students to get the ride they need to get to school if they need to or home.


Using my unlimited resources I would once again help the people of Modesto by paying to have buses and pay for longer hours. The more buses we have to run the less chance of someone missing the buss and not being on time. Also with more money comes more capacity to pay for the drivers and even hire new ones so the buses can run later. That way kids who need to get to college late or come home late won’t have to worry about missing a bus or being there exactly on time because the next bus will be by shortly. The next step would be to create parking areas that are both secure and plentiful enough that people can park and ride utilizing the bus routes and not having to worry about whether their car will be stolen, broken into or having to pay extremely high parking fees. I would fix the bike routes and walking paths. Paying to have them maintained and the gaps fixed would go a long way to allowing those who want to bike an opportunity to do so. Working with the new budgets and other improvements that have already been made in Modesto and through the state we can better create these bike paths and make them more efficient.


More buses and better bike routes, more people are free to take the bus rather than use their car and feel safer doing so. With the bike routes repaired more people can bicycle without worrying about whether or not they are going to be run over by traffic that runs through the city. More people have the freedom to get to the places they need to go and the boost in the economy is directly impacted. With lower costs for the buses and more routes people aren’t worried about missing things and so they spend more time shopping and using the money they’ve saved to buy things they need or want.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mission 5

The burst of the housing bubble and subsequent foreclosure crisis our country has seen over the last few years has caused many people to lose their homes, forcing those with even jobs to move in with family, hop from cheap motel room to motel room and even forced some to live on the streets. It is completely unacceptable that we have allowed one of the basic necessities of life, shelter, to become one of this biggest stresses in our society. On top of that the crisis has left a dearth of vacant homes, allowing the seedy underbelly of society, crime, to move in. Our government has already helped, with the people's tax money, the banks deal with the loss of value from real estate, yet the banks have done little to help the people! They are even making the market worse by continuing how they have been!

I, Adouchi, know just the way to handle this! My plan has three goals: keeping those at risk of losing their homes in their home, helping those who want to buy a home but are low income get into a home, and helping those who have lost their home into one they can afford. For my first goal, I would use my Gaze Of Justice to show those in charge of the banks that it is in their better interest as well as the public's, not to kick people out of their homes but to work with them to keep them there. My gaze would show them how they are glutting themselves of future profit by continuing to destabilize the market and making fewer eligible buyers (as those with foreclosures on record have to wait many years to get a loan again) to make them money on new loans.  My gaze would also show them that they have tightened restrictions on loans so much that now even with cheaper homes that are vastly more affordable, they are preventing many low-income people who would at these prices have mortgages lower than their rent from buying, which is preventing them from making money. For my third goal, since my Gaze of Justice is already changing the minds of bankers, how about some more government officials? Even with my gaze bankers are going to be wary of lending money out again to those who have already been foreclosed upon. I would use my gaze at the state level to allot funds for communities to buy up some of the vacant homes to be used for people who have been foreclosed on but want another shot at buying a house. The communities would rent these homes to those who have been foreclosed at rates similar to what the mortgage now (at the lower home prices) would be. Residents would be responsible for all upkeep unlike a typical rental, on the condition that after so much time of renting with on-time payments, they would then purchase the home with the government backing the loan for the same payment as their rent.

While my Gaze of Justice persuaded the bankers in terms they could appreciate, money, the effect is much broader than that. Citizens will rest easier and turn their attentions to more important things int he community without having to worry about if they are going to have a roof over their heads. Those unable to buy homes before in the inflated market will have a chance to become a permanent part of their community versus a temporary renter. This will keep and reoccupy homes, which keeps away crime. It is also known that owner-occupied properties are better taken care of, so it even has the possibility of making the neighborhoods even better than before the crisis started. Just imagine what people could do without that constant worry they now have.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mission 4: Healthier Life, Healthier people!


I myself am overweight, sucks but yeah it is true! So what I try to do, successful or not, is walk. Walking helps the blood flow, it gets your metabolism going and helps you lose weight by killing calories. I also use a program on my pc that helps me watch my calorie intake and vitamins, water, and all the stuff I need to be healthy or get rid of so that I can be healthier. Believe it or not I also play the wii! Yep! If you look at the wii games, the sports ones in particular like boxing, bowling or any of the aerobic sports on the console you can work up a good sweat real quick!


So I saw fierce dreamer using her imaginative powers to scare the bejeezus out of the citizens and thought that maybe I should help her get things settled back down! After she woke them up to a hard dose of reality and what could happen if they were seriously obese and unhealthy I thought spending some money to help subsidize health programs and workout centers might be a good way to get people to go work out. Considering the cost is almost three to four hundred dollars a year for people I figured if I helped pay to keep the costs down even more than that it would be a great way to start getting people more active. The other hard part is time, a lot of people ‘don’t have time’ to do the things they want to do like exercise regularly and be healthy. I can’t change the day light hours but between helping schools become more organized and helpful, businesses working more and giving people more jobs, and even safer neighborhoods I think that we can find ways to give people more time. Maybe have twenty four hour gyms where someone can go anytime they want. Helping to pay and support those things would greatly help people become healthier. Another idea would be to help the government and local health care people crack down on the hospitals charging outrageous fees for things that aren’t needed to help get more money for their doctors and or advancements in medical technology. How about we pay that so they don’t have to… the more money they have the less they can charge and it makes it easier for everyone to pay for the healthcare they need.

Work, school, neighborhoods, and now medical care… the more we work the more the people will become better. Healthier people work harder, and are better all around. With medical care and healthier living now in place the obesity percent drops dramatically… with places open so people can go anytime the strain to get it done is less and more people eating healthier and able to see someone when they are sick helps to keep things better in balance. The future looks brighter every day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mission 3: If they can't do it, we have to!

Having been personally robbed and my possessions taken, some of which where very special to me, I know very well the dangers in a lack of security and vigilance. I refuse to let it happen to anyone else! To action!


I know for a fact that there is no neighborhood watch program here within the apartment complex that I live in. That being said we have one security guard in the evenings that patrols once every hour or so and goes between two or three different apartment complexes. That’s not enough! Installing cameras may help but then people feel like they are losing their privacy. There are plenty of ways that can be utilized to get people more aware and that is key. If you send out letters, fliers and go out and make friends with your neighbors you’re more likely to have an easier time protecting the neighborhood. Why is it that small, small towns have little crime rate? Because by the time the crime is committed seven people already know and they’ve told the entire town what you have done!


Using my gaze of justice to have criminals see the light is a trifle. But the real people that need to see the light are the people next door. How do I do that? I go over and knock, I introduce myself and build up a rapport. If you go over every once in a while or say hello the people start to recognize you and friendships develop and that is the best and quickest way to secure the neighborhood. Get the neighborhood together to meet one another and stop being so scared of the guy next door. Who knows you may just find a friend for life!

As for the fire department and fires, a good way to take care of that is to train volunteers in the neighborhoods. If the fire department can’t get here fast enough then the volunteers who know how to do the job, combined with the new friendships made throughout the neighborhood should be enough to get things together. If you want something done sometimes you simply have to do it yourself!


Getting the community together in my neighborhood was just the start. Good caring and hard work developed a sense of kinship that started to filter through the entire populace. As more people got to know other people and friendliness spread the criminals found it harder and harder to do their work because people would always tell. Fear melted away to kind hearted truth and the world slowly became safe… one day at a time.