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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mission 3: If they can't do it, we have to!

Having been personally robbed and my possessions taken, some of which where very special to me, I know very well the dangers in a lack of security and vigilance. I refuse to let it happen to anyone else! To action!


I know for a fact that there is no neighborhood watch program here within the apartment complex that I live in. That being said we have one security guard in the evenings that patrols once every hour or so and goes between two or three different apartment complexes. That’s not enough! Installing cameras may help but then people feel like they are losing their privacy. There are plenty of ways that can be utilized to get people more aware and that is key. If you send out letters, fliers and go out and make friends with your neighbors you’re more likely to have an easier time protecting the neighborhood. Why is it that small, small towns have little crime rate? Because by the time the crime is committed seven people already know and they’ve told the entire town what you have done!


Using my gaze of justice to have criminals see the light is a trifle. But the real people that need to see the light are the people next door. How do I do that? I go over and knock, I introduce myself and build up a rapport. If you go over every once in a while or say hello the people start to recognize you and friendships develop and that is the best and quickest way to secure the neighborhood. Get the neighborhood together to meet one another and stop being so scared of the guy next door. Who knows you may just find a friend for life!

As for the fire department and fires, a good way to take care of that is to train volunteers in the neighborhoods. If the fire department can’t get here fast enough then the volunteers who know how to do the job, combined with the new friendships made throughout the neighborhood should be enough to get things together. If you want something done sometimes you simply have to do it yourself!


Getting the community together in my neighborhood was just the start. Good caring and hard work developed a sense of kinship that started to filter through the entire populace. As more people got to know other people and friendliness spread the criminals found it harder and harder to do their work because people would always tell. Fear melted away to kind hearted truth and the world slowly became safe… one day at a time.


  1. i have the same idea for my neighborhood, but then in actuality the only people who care are old people. everyoneelse is too busy with their lives....s.eriously

  2. Yes, it is important to get neighborhoods to work together!

  3. One security guard is simply not enough and its said to see that people can't feel safe in the area that they live in. I agree getting the neighbors together is the best bet

  4. There are many secondary law enforcments but sometimes that is just not enough. many security gaurds dont even have pepper spray so what the point of protecting us we need more officers agree.

  5. Getting to know our neighbors seems a good idea. But I doubt my parents will want to do it...we're not really people persons

  6. That's a great idea. It's smart to befriend your neighbors and get to know who's in your neighborhood. The small town comment made me laugh. Gossip sure does spread fast :P

  7. I never used to really pay my neighbors much mind, but this time we moved we got to know our neighbors more. I noticed I definitely feel safer because we've got more eyes out. We've told each other if we've seen any suspicious activities. We get lots of protection since we all have different schedules. The retired folks take care of the neighborhood during the day and people like me who are up at night doing work can keep an eye out of my window for any suspicious activities. People know that there are eyes out on the street all throughout the day.