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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mission 7: A liesurely day going away? I don't think so!


What kind of things are there to do in Modesto? Plenty! You could go to one of two movie theaters. Or you could go to one of two bowling alleys. How about going to the Gallow Center? There is usually something there to do. If you don't want to pay for something you could go to one of the parks. The problem is due to lack of funding a lot of this stuff is being neglected. The parks aren't being as maintained as they could be. The prices of movies and bowling are high and going to catch something at the Gallow Center can be just as expensive if not more so! This simply can not do. There is only one way it can be fixed.


When I was a kid it was all about playing outside. Kick ball, baseball, or just plain playing in the dirt. I didn't really know much about movies and things of that nature. The best time I ever had was going to the pool or zoo. Now a days everything costs money and lots of it. We need to find a way to make it more affordable if people are going to come. We've already helped so many people including business a little more for entertainment can't hurt. Giving money to help make the parks a better, safer place would be a start. Since we've already worked on safety as a whole the neighborhoods being safer goes along way to making the parks safe. Giving some money to the business of entertainment so that they can lower their prices or even give a discounted rate night would also go along way to getting some entertainment into Modesto.


With better safer parks kids will want to get out and play more. Less time spent in front of the t.v. and more time out and interacting with other kids and having fun means a broader range of social skills that are crucial to gets as the grow up. They do better in school and even in society. Being able to communicate with your peers is learned by first playing with them when your a child. When people grow up knowing each other or being better able to socialize in general they are less likely to commit other crimes. With more money given to the movie theaters and to various other entertainment places through out Modesto they are more able to lower their prices making it more affordable for people to go. When a family can go together to see a play at the Gallow Center, or bowling with family then the family as a whole is better. The leisure day is saved! For now...


  1. i agree that much of how children learn to socialize is through getting out and playing with their peers is important. good points

  2. Play is so important! I agree with you. Families need to do things together. Too many children are not getting the "play" they need.

  3. i agree when i was a kid there wa not much of me going to the movies and spending a ton of money it was just the usual playing outside and having fun.

  4. I think play time is essential for families. It never gets old. I'm 23 and I think it would be great to play a game of volleyball with the whole family.

  5. :P There should be more for those of us with the chronic ailment "singles", like shingles, but lonelier, lol Then again, bowling sounds like fun regardless.

  6. It is frustrating because it does come down to money again. I think we need to go to city council meetings and hold the politicians upside down by the ankles and shake them until their coins and wallets fall out. I really enjoyed your Imagine section, very good use of the facts!

  7. yeah you can't learn social skills from a computer. The better you are with people in general, the better you are going to do in life.