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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission 8: Let's get Art back to Modesto!


I went to the website that was posted and saw a great deal of good things to watch or do! However being a poor college student such as myself I thought it would be better to go to an event that didn't cost much -peers another direction- So... I went to MJC and found out that they were having a musical event coming soon and since I know people there I thought it the best thing to do!

Since the music event isn't until later in the month I will have not gone to one by the time you read this dear readers! I have however gone to several musical events there in the past and I even went to a really awesome production entirely done by the students.. You heard me, ENTIRELY by the students. Costumes, makeup, everything was done by the students, even the backgrounds, and stage work all done by the students. They started with the small production called 'Trial by Jury' it was then followed by several shorts of various things including, Wicked, The sound of Music, and various other small numbers. The acting was great and with the low budget and work they did remarkably well and received standing ovations every night to a full house! That is what art is all about!

If I had my way, I would use my resources to help take down the cost of the art productions and help to get more people of all walks of artistic life to come here to Modesto and get involved. With all the other improvements that we've done so far I think that in this new Modesto the super heroes and I have made are more than perfect for getting the big names here and getting people to go see them!

The ARG may soon be coming to a close, but the curtain won't close on art in Modesto!


  1. The websites were nice. It's great to see of the art events posted in one place.

  2. Traitor! How dare you go to an MJC production when we have plays and music at CSU (I assume, I've never actually been to one). Just kidding! Supporting the arts in Modesto definitely means supporting the MJC peeps, they do some great stuff at the gallery and a beautiful theater (they got David Sedaris last year), and when leaving the art building I always heard awesome sounds coming from the music classrooms.

  3. I have always wanted to see some type of performance of wicked. I think your idea is great the cost of art productions.

  4. I would like there to b more free events for college students

  5. I haven't really checked but I assume tickets to watch Beauty and the Beast are expensive. Darn it!

  6. yeah, lets lower the ocsts of participating in the arts in modesto, and then create a cottage industry of artists that educate the public on art is a special talent that most people do not have...that is to be creative.....i mean really creative.

  7. If it was cheaper it would deffinetly atract more pople. Good idea.